Zircon Biotech Co., Ltd was founded in 2016, concentrating on developing, producing and selling the high quality in-vitro diagnostic products, and provides relevant services. It is one of the “Mass entrepreneurship and innovation enterprises in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province. Th...



    VISION:IVD leader and innovator in China.

    MISSION:Pragmatism, Innovation, Integrity, Win-win.

    CORE VALUES:Pragmatism, Innovation, Integrity, Win-win.



    Zircon Biotech's latest development and production of the Automatic Thrombelastic Analyzer is a landmark product, which is the first Automatic Thrombelastic Analyzer in China to obtain the registration certificate (CFDA). At present, the thrombus Thrombelastic analyzer is operated manually or semi automatically. The overall test speed is slow; the labor cost is high, and the human interference is large, especially in the case of large amount of sample detection, it cannot meet the clinical needs. Zircon Biotech spent four years time to design and develop a full-automatic thrombelastic analyzer, which makes testing more simple, accurate and reliable, and it greatly meets the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment.The appearance of automatic ATEG promotes the progress of thrombus detection technology and has a very broad market prospect.
    Zircon Biotech has long been committed to the research and development innovation in the field of coagulation. Currently, a series of automatic coagulation analyzers with leading level unique mechanical analysis technology, as well as the liquid and lyophilized coagulation reagents are all in the leading position in the market. The company has a mature R & D, production and marketing team in the field of coagulation. The high-speed automatic coagulation analyzer under research will bring revolutionary development to the market.


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